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Re: Chattanooga Pro Pissing in Change Tent [Power13]
Power13 wrote:
chrisbint wrote:
nhmorgan wrote:
You're incorrect. Check the OED and I will leave it at that. I'd rather not get into a discussion of semantics on a triathlon board. As to why it matters that it's a judge? As I mentioned before, it's ironic in the context of the original post and his being referred to as an august member of the community.

What is ironic that you quote context above and yet to fail to see the context to which the word pussy is used.

I cannot access OED, you need to a subscription it seems. Princeton apparently has the details though http://www.princeton.edu/...100k/docs/Pussy.html, which gives us this;

Pussy is an English word meaning:

In all honesty, I don't need it. Let's consider the 2 sentences below;

1. Check out her pussy!

2. You pussy, why won't you jump from that ledge!.

Which context is most similar to that in use in the statement you are referring to. Answer anything but 2 and you are clearly in denial. Even 1 is ambiguous and could mean female genitalia or just a plain moggy.

You are attempting to argue the usage of a word because of an incorrect assumption about how it is being used. Remember, context is king.

What do you think the third definition is derived from? If you can't see the connection / derivative from definition #2 and is meant as a degration to someone's manhood by comparing them to a woman's genitalia, I can't help you.

No, I am sorry, I can't. Can you show me your references to where this derivation is documented. Or is it just an assumption. OED which is becoming the defacto reference in this thread does not appear to have any entry that implies this.

It's okay, I don't need your help.

On the internet, you can be anything you want. It is a pity so many people choose to be stupid.
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