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Re: Official power2max support thread [davetheharris]
davetheharris wrote:
I screwed in the lockring to the 5-6nm recommendation then the pinch bolt to 7nm (again to the recommendation) to secure the lockring from moving. When I losened the pinch bolt and removed the lockring the non drive side still wouldn't come off.

In hind sight and after some googling it appears you only tighten the lockring to the point that there isn't any play on the crank and then adjust the pinch bolt to secure it. This wasn't clear in the manual provided by rotor, at least to me. Regardless I brought it in to the local bike shop to see if they could get this setup for me.

Yikes, the non drive side cap should only be tightened ~ 1NM to take up the play so that's what is causing the extra friction. The bike shop will have no problem getting things right.



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