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Re: Is there any reasonable way I can help my wife with her stress levels [Tridiot]

You posted this recently in another thread:

Nearly 3 years ago my wife and I had our first kid (we have a 5 month old now too). Prior to that I was pretty hard charging, doing well in my career, working a ton, got my MBA etc. I was in overdrive prior to our son being born, cranking out a ton of proposals. Son born, I take a break from killing myself at work (pre-coordinated) and basically it's almost 3 years later and I have failed about 300 times to get into a groove again.

I basically don't care about work. Nothing I do is interesting to me anymore, and I can't seem to even bother to get back to 50% of what I was doing before. I'm skating by and I think it's getting pretty clear.

Obviously a giant HTFU is the simple solution, but things haven't clicked for me. I go to work, I do what I have to do, get home and spend the next 4 or so hours with my kids and wife. Son goes to bed, wife feeds daughter and then daughter goes to bed and then basically it is time to go to bed to do it all again.

Do you think this has anything to do with her stress?

Having small children is stressful, staying home, working full-time, they all have there pluses and minuses. You have alluded to financial stress, having that as a steady state factor can make it easy for seemingly minor things to put anyone into the high stress zone. Do you think you/she is worried about your job security?
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