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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [runnerwv]
Type 2 here, or as my endo likes to call me, a Type 1.5.

Diagnosed in Dec 2008 during a routine physical. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me (I didn't know the typical symptoms at the time, frequent urination and always thirsty), and was surprised when I was told I was diabetic. I wasn't overly out of shape, overweight or anything. My A1C was 11.1 and my BG was 370 or so from my first glucose test.
I'm currently at 5.9 and typically stay around there. My C-peptide test is getting worse though, as my pancreas is producing less and less insulin. So its only a matter of time before I'll have to inject.

I've done three 70.3s, a handful of Olys and a bunch of sprints. The past few years I really got into running ultras and marathons as well. This upcoming season I may do more cycling. I can never decide on any one thing.

Keep all the stories coming. I love hearing about diabetics doing their thing and not letting the disease stop them from reaching their goals.

ETA: I was diagnosed at age 31, and currently take oral meds.

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