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Re: Official power2max support thread [power2max]
Thanks for the reply. I do not know if it matters but my Rotor 3d+ 110 has the aero NO-Q ring. It does not have a Q-ring. I am assuming that the ring needs to be modified either way. Also it is a 110. Here is the chainring that I have, http://www.artscyclery.com/descpage-RTNQ52.html

I also noticed that P2M has stated on the forum in the past that modifying the ring is not recommended. Is this more of what the official message needs to be for liability and such. Or is there a practical reason? I am comfortable machining aluminum and have a mill and appropriate cutters to perform.

In looking at this solution and reading about the crank that came with the bike I am now interested in trying a Q-ring in the future. In the future could I switch the ring to a Q-Ring, do the machining modification on the new ring, and use my original power meter without sending it in or performing any other modifications to the power meter?
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