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Re: QFT: Paulo Sousa on Swimming [devashish_paul]
devashish_paul wrote:

Ricky Ponting and the boys seemed to do OK in Melbourne the past 4 days....the cool thing is in triathlon you can play on the same field as Craig Alexander, but I can't play on the same field as Ponting. Both are Aussie superstars in their own sports, but I get to play in Craig's sport. It's not all about speed. I get to spend time with really cool people as a result of being in this sport. That's more important then a few minutes here and there.


Oh I totally agree with you Dev and have been saying so here for the last few years.As a result of my believing that this sport was more about cool places to compete in and the cool people I meet over finding the best gear and gadjets,any chance of being accepted at the ST cool kids table was removed.At least I know Fleck would come and visit me for a couple of minutes at the castaways table.

Yeah Ricky saved his job during the First Test but bummer about Sachin not getting his 100th/100 in Melbourne.Hope he gets it during this tour..

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