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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [daveinmammoth]
Hey Daveinmammoth, I think I can get most of these for you.

1) What is the ratio of the aerobars?
2) When will stack/reach be posted on the web?

3) Why no nose cone?

4) Why not a center pull front brake?

5) Limits on rear wheel options?

6) Type of BBs on the 2 framesets?

7) Difference between the 2 framesets?

8) What makes the stem aero?

9) Both frames Di or electronic Ultegra compatible with internal wiring?

10) How does a downtube bottle affect drag?

1) Ratio of the aerobar is around 4:1.

2) I'm hunting down the stack and reach charts, I will have Clayton post them along with the geo chart in his original post.

3) the decision for no nosecone came from the need to travel with the bike. Eliminating the nosecone means there are fewer unique parts used on the bike and an athlete traveling with it can typically replace any bolt with parts easily found in a shop. Also, by lengthening the DT airfoil we were able to get similar aerodynamics to what was found in the original Shiv's HT/Nosecone section.

4) We use the same side pull brake front and rear again, so our dealers can stock fewer unique parts. We were also able to get a stronger brake feel from the side pull.

5) I haven't seen a limitation of wheel choice yet. All of Zipp's Firecrest 808s and 404s fit easily.

6) All bikes have our OSBB shell that allows you to run any BB30 crank or any Shimano style crank with supplied adapters.

7) Frame's from SW to Comp share the same exact shape and features. Carbon lay-up has been modified to help lower cost and make a $3300 Rival bike possible!

8) On the back side of the stem there are 3 different heights of "Control Towers" (5mm 25mm and 50mm). These fairings ship with the bike or frame and help reduce cable clutter and provide smooth airflow behind the stem regardless of the riders bar height.

9) Yes, the bikes are equipped with 2 sleeves inside the frame. For bikes with cables the FD and the RD will go down on tube (The mega sewer tube) and the rear brake will go down its own hole. On Di2 and Ultegra Di2 bikes the control box esily fits down the mega sewer tube, while the rear brake is routed down its own separate hole. Cable routing on these bikes is incredible easy.

10) Mark Cote will speak to aerodynamics when he gets home from Kona. He will have the good hard facts for everyone soon.

Chris R.
Specialized Bicycle Components
PR/Media Relations
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