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Re: So ladies, what races are you training for? [Alexia]
I know I know, I was just eyeing the calendar again on that one... I have yet to get back on my MTB since my crash 8 weeks ago... but my eggbeater cleats are sitting here, waiting for me to GET OUT THERE. I am hoping I can get in a few hrs tomorrow once K gets picked up.

Get this: the Specialized Rep was at my LBS today and offered me a new 29er ot a 26er to go test ride at Bby mtn, but I had to decline :-( So sad. Man those look nice.

OK, yer right, I'll have to sign up for Vashon soon I think. Once signed up, then I'm committed! But be warned - I may find them addictive! Which means: many road trips. ;-) Are you going down the night before I assume? if so, you wanna split accoms?

Edit: what's Black Diamond like? and is Portland out at Lake Hagg? Where Hulaman used to be? If so, I may have to try that one too! Love that area (Forest Grove). Wicked brewpub there.

Also: not doing Vic sprint. Not interested in $105 for a sprint, not after P spent $270 for his 1/2. Ugh. I'm turning cheap. ;-)


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