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Re: Hair straighteners/flat irons [Marisol]
My partner and I own a hair salon in NYC.
FHI are top some of the best irons around - you don't need the highest end model, the platform and eps 1" are very versatile (the difference is the layers of ceramic).
Straighteners are a pesonal preference BUT at our salon we don't do any Brazilian kind because they DO contain Formaldehyde - all of them (some just have levels below USDA thresholds).
They key to any chemical services is going to someone who knows what they are doing and you should make a judgement 3 or 4 times after having the process done. We have seen many clients that are thrilled with their first straightener but then very disappointing on the repeat services (in other salons of course :) Make sure your stylists only ever touches up the roots - if they do the whole head again, your roots are effectively less straight and the rest of your hair gets straighter (and more damaged) with each reapplication.

The other key thing is using the right product in your hair before you blow dry.
Hope this helps.
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