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Re: Hip pain: Tensor fasciae latae [DirtGirl]
Two Cents Worth: as a Physical Therapist who deals with these issues all the time...

The TFL muscle attaches to the front outside rim of the pelvis (Iliac Crest) and your Ilio-Tibial Band (ITB) and functions as a hip flexor, abductor, rotator. It frequently gets shortened due to sitting postures and cycling, especially TT positions. This causes the pelvis to rotate forward (increasing Lumbar lordosis- sway back) when standing upright and especially when running which can cause excessive loading on the muscle-tendon junction and also cause lowback compression issues. Addressing this shortening of the TFL muscle can help significantly (stretching, ART, foam roll, Myofascial release, massage ball, etc...)

Additional things to consider:
as many of you have noted, addressing other hip stabilizing hip musculature for strength and/or flexibility imbalances is important. Also, have the Sacro-Iliac joint position/mobility evaluated by a PT, Osteopath or Chiro...if this is out of alignment the TFL can become symptomatic.
Also...the function of your lower Rectus Abdominus/Obliques/Transverse and pelvic floor musculature in supporting proper pelvic alignment is super important along with Lumbar-Sacral extensor flexibility...train your core to optimize your hip posture and function of your hip musculature!

Hope that helps...
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