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Re: Fin man vs kip litton [jackmott]
jackmott wrote:
OakCliffTri wrote:
what's the point? He surely can't be making enough off of cheating to live, so why go through the effort? I just don't get it.

So that those amateurs who work hard and care about getting on the podium or winning their category are not stopped by the scum who would cheat to take their spot.

so that truth and justice may win over villainy.

what could matter MORE?

No, I meant why would this assclown cheat in the races? I totally get outting him. I would hang him up too if he kept me from claiming my deserved spot on the podium. I'm impressed with the sleuthing, would like to believe I would do the same to someone that consistently cheated the system. I just don't get why someone would put this much effort into cheating in races that likely pay very little in the grand-scheme of things. He has to have serious internal issues to "justify" his means.
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