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Re: Velonews aero wheel test... Stinger 9 is the best [Vince@HED]
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The Stinger 9 tested is the EXACT SAME ONE!!!! the customer can buy from us when they say they want to buy a Stinger 9. (im pretty sure I said that 2x already) It is the same one we sent you too.

We dont have 2 kinds of Stingers, one for testing and one for sale. The wheel tested is the wheel we sell

Thanks Vince,

Didn't see this thread until this morning. I've been dabbling in the Lavender Room and Politics Only forum on Road Bike Review. You think this is a tough crowd ??? (:-)

So there have never been any versions of the Stinger 9 rim sold. I thought that there was a narrow version sold early on but now only the C2 is available. Sorry about the 4X request but it is sort of a different question ?? (:-)

I happened to have the tire off my front Stinger 9 which I bought in 2009 supposedly as the C2 version. Here are some measurements:

Rim Depth - 90 mm

Width of Rim at ~ center of Brake Pad surface - 26.0 mm

Tire Bead Outside Width - 24.1 mm

Max Rim Width - 27.1 mm

Depth of Tire Bed - ~ 5.0 mm (difficult to measure due to the residual glue)

Width of RXL Pro Tubular - ~ 21.5 mm

Width of Vitt CX 21 (320 tpi) Tubular - ~ 21.5 mm

Width of Vitt Crono II 22 (320 tpi) Tubular - ~ 21.0 mm

Wondering if you could please check on these measurements against the Stinger 9 specs.

Edit - correct Depth of Tire Bed
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