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Re: What do you get from your gym? [Red Dragon]
I pay close to $100/month in gym fees just for me. I go about three times per week, probably more in the dead of winter. I swim, run on the treadmill, lift and do yoga. (Take advantage of the yoga, it will help you a LOT in your training, especially if you're..well...not 19 years old). If they have good spin classes, that can also be a great way to maintain bike fitness when you're short on time.

I wil pay a premuim for a good gym...a place I look forward to going to, that's convenient, where I can get in a decent workout without a lot of hassle. (Hassle=scary men trying to chat me up, a too crowded weight room, a weight room where nothing gets put away).

It's a question of priorities, as a former bodybuilder I have always had an active gym membership and I think its money well spent. I get a lot of physical and emotional benefit from that 100 bucks.

Also, FWIW, going to the gym was ESSENTIAL for my sanity when I was a new mother. Really.
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