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Re: Are potatoes vegetables? [JenHS]
Tomatoes are actually a fruit. And when they are cooked, you get more lycopene for some reason, so tomato soup is good.

I never have trouble eating fruits and veggies - I have to force feed myself the bready pastaish starchy stuff most of the time. I would LIVE on liquid calories if I could. Things I've had to eat today

Breakfast:chocolate brownie cliff bar, warmed up in the microwave
3/4 c oats (dry measure), 1/2 c plain yogurt

(8 mi run)
Snack - 16 oz chocolate soymilk, fried egg

(40 mi bike) - 1 gel
Snack -20 oz chocolate soymilk

Lunch - caesar salad (w/o the dressing because I hate salad dressing)

snack - cliff bar, banana

dinner - 2 ww toast w/ 1/4c peanut buttter, apple

dessert - 2 choc chip cookies, big glass of milk.

snack - am boiling baby carrots and spinach, will throw parmesan on them because I can't find butter.

late night snack, apple with 1/4c peanut butter

I'm a rabbit and still terrified of potatoes, pasta, rice thingies thinking I will get fat but that of course is the eating disorder voice talking. I mean pasta is actually healthier than all the soymilk - less sugar! But this is my irrational world. I will stop lamenting my issues now...

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
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