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Re: Question for TriToy... [IKnowEverything]
no I really am sponsored - no joke - my p3C, zipps and powertaps were paid for by the makers of Celadrin, though at the time for a different product.

I consult in the supplement world, and these three companies loved that I was getting into triathlon - and not as some sort of genetic freak. So separate from reviewing their research etc, with some of the cities they have targeted for media I race -

so my first triathlon in florida was paid for by lycored - in exchange I went on local news in Tampa and radio to talk about the research on sun protection and the lycored product. (I also take it for recovery but that is a whole other story that I am happy to elaborate on but not the point of this).

Philadelphia and Chicago were paid for by Suntheanine - thus the DeSoto suit I wore at Chicago is emblazoned with Suntheanine - tv fell through at the last minute in chicago but I have a long relationship with them so this will be on going. PA I had some radio interviews.

The angle is a bit different here - I already do media for them as a doc (these happen to be 3 products that I think highly of). I have been doing this kind of work for 10 years - and just approached the PR firm that I have a relationship with about my training and racing.

We are still developing how this will look in the future - whether they will have a presence at races....

I am (using existing research) looking at supplements for recovery in endurance sports - these all tie in.

so my sig really is not a joke -


for more of the research on those products....


Sponsored by Suntheanine, Lycored and Celadrin
http://www.lycored.com/web/content/library.asp http://suntheanine.com/Research.cfm http://celadrin.com/pages/studies.php
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