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Re: celebrity sighting [kitkat]
At Pumpkinman last year, I got a phone call from Joan Benoit Samuelson two days before the race. She want to compete in her very very first Tri.
As the RD, I felt compelled to "take care of her." Little did I know that 15 minutes before the swim start, I'd be at her car, helping to put Speed Laces in her sneakers....all I kept thinking was do not screw this up!! It was amazing.
She held her own in the swim and bike; however trashed all the women in the run...including 2 pros!! She won her AG and was 12th woman overall.
When she was awarded her AG award, the announcer asked her if she wanted to speak; and gave a little humble speech, saying that when she completed her first marathon she said never again, and now that she's completed her first tri she wanted to know when she could sign up for her next.
As a first year director, it could not have been more perfect!!

Me (Kat D), JBS, and my friend Deb

Kat Donatello
2015 Betty Designs Team
RD, The Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival
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