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Re: Let's see your ride! [mcdoublee]
The build looks great. I do agree with the stickers coming off. I think it would clean up the look of the build for sure. Once that is done, you could take your forks off the build and in an afternoon get rid of the stickers on that. All it would leave is the stickers on the frame itself but it would sure clean up things.

For the forks, take them into your spare tub if you have one with some 600, 800 and 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and fill the tub up enough to cover the forks sideways.

Start with the 600g sandpaper to cut through the surface of the clearcoat on the forks, once you are through that and start to sand off the stickers/lettering switch over to the 800g. Once the writing is off, sand that surface with the 1000g and the rest of the forks. You need to sand the rest of the forks to create mini scratches for the new clear coat to stick too. Head to the local automotive store and buy a can of clearcoat. Do not cheap out and get the good stuff.

Spray outside on a nice clear day and do a light sanding once dried in the tub with the water again. Dry if off and spray a few more times doing it the same way. After about three times with the clear, all you have to do is buff it up and life is good. I remember reading somewhere that to take the gloss off all you have to do is take some steel wool to the fork. I am not sure about the last step to make them flat but someone will know how.

I have done this process with forks in the past and will be doing this to a few pairs of cranks in the next little while on my 12.80 road build above and another bike to get rid of the FSA stickers on the cranks.

It is a fun project is you have the patience to do it. If you do not then the next best way to do it is send it too Brent at Rue Sports in Arizona. Brent makes high end carbon bikes and did the forks on the road build above for me as I did not have the time to do it this time around and did it for a good price. I figure my time was worth more than he charged so life is good.

Everyone puts way too many stickers on their products and I just take them all off when they are not covered by clear coat. Every sticker on my wheels have been taken off or are in the process of coming off. I think that the RENN 575 stickers will be the tough one.
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