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Big Fat Woman in a Desoto T1 -- Is There Any Hope? UPDATE!!
So I am six-one and pretty hefty. I tried on a De Soto T-1 bibjohn today. Then cried. Ohmigod. You know how there's great big armhole cutouts on the sides -- more like straps up the back and down the front than armholes? Well, talk about muffin-top on the sides. Muffin-top doesn't do it justice ... it was like bread dough with twice too much yeast spilling outta the bowl.

The De Soto people are SUPER NICE and HELPFUL and I guess the problem is my body more than the T-1, but is there any hope? Anyone have a similar experience & found a solution?

Of course, since I'm pretty buoyant already, swimming with The Thing on really throws off everything I learned. Visions of thrashing about in the Gulf of Mexico at St. As screaming my bloody head off and hoping that some kayak can pull me to shore. Sheesh.

Ever think maybe you're just not cut out for this stuff???? Even the most simple stuff in the world turns into agony on me.

Just needed to rant. Sigh. Thank you. I'm done now...
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