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Re: Kids, full time job, and training [IMV]
My first post in TWF... wao. Also i am not a woman :)

I'll say NO, dont do it, is not worth it. First you will probably be out of commission depending on natural or c-section delivery for about 1 month before you are really ready to start working out seriously but you will be much more tired too.

Besides the fact that I want to spend time with my daughter (she is 3 weeks old) and we have another 2.5 yo, they take up a lot of your time and my wife doesnt even work. I decided once the pregnancy was reaching the end that 2008 for me will be a get faster year, as in only sprint and couple of oly's and go as fast as you can (i have never puked before but I am looking forward to it). I'll also do some cycling TTs, centuries, and tons of road races but I dont really have to adjust my training much to do that since most are for fun with the boys. I will personally revisit HIM again in 2009 and IM maybe end 2008 or 2010.

The above strategy already yielded a 18 minute Half Marathon PR.

Last year with my daughter being almost 2 and until recently, my scheduling started to come together because she was much more predictable so I could plan my workouts with minimal disruption to the family time (this is always key for me) but now I am tired in the morning for waking up 2 or 3 times between 11pm and 5am and have missed several of my morning workouts which I would pretty much never did before unless I was extremely fatigued. This will probably go on for a couple of more months until hopefully she starts sleeping through the night but then colics can become and issue, who knows, you will have to wait an see.

With all that said, I dont know your fitness level, base, years racing, etc and of course you can always do it and just go along for the ride, finish in whatever amount of hours it takes you and be happy if thats what makes you happy. This is of course just my opinion, as I said, it will take a toll on you, your family and might not be worth it.


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