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Re: We can all complain about IMNA, but... [tomziebart]
I think Tri101 organizers maybe promised too much and delivered too little. As a long-time HFP Racing racer here in Ohio I'm a little disappointed in the things I'm reading and seeing. However, although I applaud the 101 group's entrpreneurship, when the new series was announced the first thought that came into my mind was that this was old sheep in new clothing Deer Creek Pineman 3/4 that HFP used to put on. I looked at the results from the last years the 3/4 was put on and it never had over 30 people. Why did Shannon & company ever think that this failed race distance in Ohio would ever succeed nationally?

I think it will be interesting to see where 101 lands in a few years. The 1st race started with some bumps but you never know. We could all be sitting here 5 years from now bitching about 101 races closing out in 24 hours.

The other issue is that this series seemed to focus only on pros. The big prize purse only draws interest from pros. I never did a race because so-n-so pro was going to be there. I do a race based on reputation for quality, organization, value-added to me as a participant, and on my schedule. 101 will draw the kiss of death if it continues to have organizational issues. But my bet is that the next 101 race they will be back on top of their game.


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