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Re: Bill Maher at it again. [BarryP] [ In reply to ]
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BarryP wrote:

Bill Maher, the largest donor to President Obama's super PAC,
called Mormonism a "cult" on his HBO show last night, and said that donating money to that religion doesn't count as charity because it's "bulls---."

Does he realize that he just donated $1,000,000 to a "cult" just a few weeks ago himself?

Who knew that he got to decide what is and isnt charity. Maybe he should petiton his favorite candidate to join him in calling his opponent a member of a cult.

My apologies for bumping this back to the top.

You have brought life to this thread after it had died. You are the Frankenstein of LR and you should be proud!!!!!

Now stop pretending you didnt mean to do it.

"You lie!" The Prophet Joe Wilson
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Re: Bill Maher at it again. [Rodred] [ In reply to ]
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I really didn't care one way or another. It was a throw away joke and I thought it had a nice ring to it when I wrote it.

Like a cat with a ball of yarn, if you get your jollies off of having this bumped to the top, then more power to you.

-----------------------------Baron Von Speedypants
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Re: Bill Maher at it again. [Rodred] [ In reply to ]
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HBO is so outraged by his actions that they just renewed him for 2 more years. Keep it up, you've got him on the run now.

We are so fucked.
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Re: Bill Maher at it again. [lakerfan] [ In reply to ]
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lakerfan wrote:
Glad I could entertain. ;)

I got the impression when reading that post that he was regurgitating some falsehoods he had 'learned'.....and I was right. What better place to find cold hard facts than a couple books by disgruntled ex-members.

Everyone is an expert, and someone thought their expertise was in the 'secrets' of the LDS church. As the true expert, I was kindly helping to debunk that.

Well, independent of what he thinks, I find very little good in a religion that has roots based on violence, corruption and deception. It contains most of the characteristics that make it a cult in my book.

Sure, there are a lot of very good people who are Mormons today but then there are also a lot of people in this world who suffer from blind faith because the thought of contemplating the fact that God doesn't exist scares the living shit out of them.

If I could have a nickle for all the times I've heard the "Mormons are very good people," always followed by "but" . . .

It's the religious equivalent of "some of my best friends are black." (And no, I'm not comparing religious bigotry to racism.)

It's already been pointed out that the one thing you think that makes it a cult, that if you leave or are excommunicated, your family is forbidden from seeing you, is false. SInce you think it fits "most of the characteristics of a cult, at least in your book, I'm curious what they are.

It is comforting, at least, to know that you've been able to get into the heads of Mormons and understanding why they believe what they do (fear that God might not exist). How arrogant and condescending of you.
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