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burlington, vermont... suggestions?
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Hey, all...

I'm in Burlington, Vermont for school until Monday afternoon. It's obviously a city dedicated to facilitating outdoor fitness, but I'm wondering if anyone can suggest particular loops that might be particularly pleasant- starting from the Bishop Booth Conference Center/North Beach would be ideal, since that's where I'm staying. I am an avid cyclist and absolutely remedial runner/walker (experienced hiker- can do distance, just not fast). Should have several free blocks of time around 2-3 hours.

I'd try some swimming, but would end up an ice cube.

email/pm repies would be best- on a 28.8 dialup connection while I'm here.

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Re: burlington, vermont... suggestions? [aetherchild] [ In reply to ]
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It's a very nice town. Very student orientated. But for swimming definately stay out of Lake Champlain. Here's the reason why:

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