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Things to know about this forum
FIRST THING: We have a FAQ. Via a button at the top of the page you'll see RULES AND LEGEND. Please click that phrase, and then click FORUM FAQ at the bottom of that page.

SECOND THING: This is a non-reply-to thread. But you can reply to any other thread you see here, or start your own thread(s) to comment on what you read or see here. Enjoy this forum!

THIRD THING: Classifieds go in the Classifieds forum (not in this forum). There's a waiting period to post in that forum. It's all explained in the sticky thread (like this one) in the Classifieds forum.

FOURTH THING: Here are some of the Advanced Editor features; use this when you initiate or respond to a post.

FIFTH THING: Linking/sharing copyrighted material. If you want to share information you've found on another site, please only post a snippet of the article; do not post the article in it's entirely. Always provide a link to the original article, whether you are quoting a snippet (and that's all you want/need) or whether you wish to discuss the entire article.

Material which violates copyright law - if you post a link to files/videos/downloads/etc. that represent a copyright violation (such as a YouTube video or Torrent file of the IM Hawaii NBC broadcast) or request such material, you're account will be terminated.

EXAMPLE: "Check out the Ironman broadcast on YouTube..." OR "Any links to Kona torrent file?"

FIFTH-AND-A-HALF THING: Linking/sharing material that you created - e.g., linking to a blog post of YOURS. Please do NOT use this forum strictly as a source of traffic for your website, blog, etc. If you want to link to your blog, please do so in your signature ONLY; please do not start posts of the form, "hey check out this article that I wrote over here..." If you wish to engender discussion on this forum about something that you wrote elsewhere (your blog, your high school newspaper, whatever), please be aware that it will be allowed to stand or not at our discretion. A lot of this will be totally subjective, based on how long you've been a member, how often you link to your own outside content, etc. There's no hard-and-fast rule for what's allowed and what's not. Basically, if it seems that the primary reason for posting is to direct traffic away from this site and to yours, we will pull it. If it seems the primary reason for you posting it is to talk about it here, we'll probably leave it.

SIXTH THING: in order to prevent spam via private message, we have restricted the outgoing private messaging capabilities of users. In order to SEND private messages you've got a short waiting period.

SEVENTH THING: The First Amendment reads as follows, "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech." Slowtwitch is not the federal government. You don't have a right to free speech here. We don't preemptively monitor what you write, but we do reserve the right to delete anything you write and to delete/ban/disable your account because of it. If we remove something that you've written and you wonder why, please ask us via email. Please don't start a new thread that simply rehashes what you wrote that got deleted and also complains about it being deleted.

EIGHTH THING: A user constructs his or her presence here, whether as a Forum Personality, or with a business listing (Coach, Bike Fitter, Bike Shop, Run Store, Race). Should you want a persona or business listing you established here eliminated, email or private message us stating exactly what you built (business listing, Forum Personality) that you now want removed.

Dan Empfield
aka Slowman
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