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Slowtwitch Roadshow - Dallas
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I went to the Roadshow last weekend and attended conversations, seminars and presentations by Dan Empfield, Mr. Cobb, and several other specialists including coaches, nutritionists, etc. It was informative, interesting and very cool. Dan and Cobb shared a great deal of history about triathlon and its evolution. As an added bonus, getting to talk to others that share the same passions that I do was great.

Trent and the folks at the Tri Shop hosted it and did an outstanding job.

If the Roadshow is coming to a town or city near you, don't miss it.

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Re: Slowtwitch Roadshow - Dallas [Jimmy B.] [ In reply to ]
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I was there as well and it was a great time. My son and I were lucky enough to get bike fits with Dan that day. Last 2 of the day in fact. Great experience and looks like we will both be on Felt IA16's soon.

John's presentation on short cranks, leverage and aero was really interesting.

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