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Selle SMP: Evolution vs. Composit
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Hello... I have been using a SMP Evolotion for a little over a year now and pretty happy with it. I was wondering what experience people have had with the Composit, in more particular, those that have used both the Evolution and Composit?

The Evolution has a bit of padding, and the Composit has none. I have been hearing that padding does not necessarily mean more comfort and some advise that no padding can actually be more comfortable. Anyone agree with this?

I was hoping I could switch over to the lighter Composit while also gaining a more comfortable saddle... any experience??
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Re: Selle SMP: Evolution vs. Composit [fedb] [ In reply to ]
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Zombie thread as they say but Google puts this at the top of Selle SMP: Evolution vs. Composit searches so it is still and will remain relevant.

I did not know the difference between the two. Thanks to Google and this thread I now know that Evolution is more padded than the leather only (I presume) Composit. Thank you.

In answer to the OP... I have had no experience with Composit, but I have used Evolution and Carbon which is without padding and without leather.

I used cheap Chinese fake selle SMP carbon which were okay but I think that they encouraged me to be out of the saddle more often, and I am not sure if this was good for my, now failing, knees. I am 55.

If I were younger I would recommend padding-less carbon saddles. The padding in your shorts is sufficient. The hole in the middle is the important thing. If you are not supporting yourself by your soft tissue (your perineum, or worse in ladies) then you do not need padding.

However, the good thing about carbon saddles is that you slip along them. That means that forward aft vibrations are not a problem.
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