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SPY Screw Review
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Oakley makes great sunglasses. Arguably the best sunglasses for sports. I used their Radars for a while and really like them. But, the lenses were expensive. I felt like I had to be extremely careful with them for fear of scratching the lens (fire iridium) and having to drop 50-70 for new ones. Then I saw a pair of Spy Screw glasses on the website the Clymb and thought I'd give them a try.

I've put thousands of riding miles in now on the Screws and I have no regrets. Here are a few highlights.

-CHEAP lenses. $20 a lens and they have a lot of options. Solid build quality
-Fit and stick well on my face, don't shake
-Easy and quick lens changes. I don't like feeling like I'm going to break my glasses when changing lenses, and I want it to be fast.
-Thinner arms (which some may find feels "cheap") that to me feels more comfortable than the Radars more rigid arms
-Venting is second to none. Blow hot air directly on the lens and when you begin moving they vent about 3x faster than my radars did
-Cost. Mine were on sale, but with 3 new lenses and the frames, I got them for 2/3 the cost of my radars.
-Lighter. I never noticed the weight of the radars, but after wearing these for a while, I have noticed the light feel they have on my face

-arms. while I like how their thinner design molds more to my face, it makes them feel less "solid" on the arms. You can't have both the mold feel and solid/rigid arms obviously, but I wish you could.

So, if you are looking for great sunglasses that will never fog on you while riding (even in cold/snow/sleet conditions), check out the Spy Screws. They really are awesome glasses.
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Our team chose the Screw for this year. We went with the model with red frames. They look great and feel great. They haven't been fogging up, even on cold days with a balaclava. No regrets here.

I will be buying some lighter lenses. The lenses that came with them are a little dark for my evening rides. Like you said, the lenses are cheap, so no big deal.
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