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Low drop shoe in rotation for trail running?
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I generally run in 10mm drop shoes, with mild pronation control. My go-to-shoe is the Brooks Ravanna (2-3 runs/week + races), and I occasionally rotate in the Brooks Transcend for easier "recovery" runs (1-2 runs week). I've found this combo works well and has cut down on running related injuries for me.

I'm planning to run a couple trail half-marathons this season to build some strength/resilience, so I think I need a trail shoe in my rotation as the Ravanna has crappy grip and sole is very soft. The shoe I like most is the Caldera 3, which is pretty lightweight and has the same fast bouncy DNA GO foam as my Ravannas. The problem is they're 4mm drop, which feels noticeably different, and also no pronation control. Is this a problem?

Assuming I only run ~1 medium-long run every other week in the Calderas (getting to good trails is a PITA), am I likely to run into trouble (injuries) if I race a couple trail half-marathons in them? Or might it actually help with injury prevention (by varying the load)? Or should I look for a higher drop shoe (such as the much heavier but more rugged Cascadia, or something else?

Many thanks!
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Re: Low drop shoe in rotation for trail running? [wintershade] [ In reply to ]
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I maintain a multi-shoe rotation for both the road and the trail.

Road (all light stability):
- Brooks Ravena (10mm drop)
- Saucony Guide (8mm drop)
- Brooks PureCadence (4mm drop)
- NB Fresh Foam Vongo (I think this is 8mm)

Trail - To be honest, I don't put too much focus on the drop of the trail shoes (or whether or not that have any stability). The nature of the uneven surface and all the up's + downs seem to make many such features not necessary. The rock plates in trail shoes is the main feature I love. It's also good to find a shoe that keeps your foot in place and doesn't let you slide around inside the shoe.
- Brooks Cascadia - though I have't tried the current version
- Brooks PureGrit - The 4 was great, the 6 (not as great)
- Altra LonePeak (or whatever it's called) - The version I had was not very good. I thought my feet were going to slide right through the toebox on descents. I hear the newer versions are better
- I also have a pair of discontinued Pearl Izumi's that are really great. I wish I could still buy this shoe.
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