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Head Rough Shorty wetsuit for first SwimRun
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Looking for a first SwimRun wetsuit. Anyone have any experience with the "Head Rough Shorty"?
I have found only one review from the World of SwimRun 2019 wetsuits, but no reviews from actuals SwimRunners.
I am in particular interested in knowing what it is like to run in.
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Re: Head Rough Shorty wetsuit for first SwimRun [Pmth95] [ In reply to ]
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Yep, I've got one

I don't have a huge amount of experience in it, but did two swim-run races in it and maybe 12 training sessions in 2018. the races were a local one and then Gravity Race Annecy which was 38km of running with 2000m of climbing (a great race!)

It performed really well, for me. I recall I had to take an inch or two off the arms to get them to a comfortable length, then they were fine. no chafing or discomfort as far as I remember - I wore a two piece tri suit underneath.

having zips front and rear is a must IMO, both for venting on shorter runs and for ease of removal of the top half when folding down on longer runs. also one seemingly small point but having the zip pull double as a whistle was really handy (have never used but it is required in many s/r races, and removes the need to carry one separately)

a lot of my friends got more expensive Head/other brand suits but I didn't feel that I was at any kind of disadvantage, and often theirs had only a single zip which made life slightly tricky for them.
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Re: Head Rough Shorty wetsuit for first SwimRun [Sloggy] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks, this is what I was looking for before purchasing.
Does seem to fit most of my criteria including the front and back zippers.
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