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HELP - QR Illicito front derailleur cable route
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Hi Folks

Hoping to get some help from fellow QR Illicito owners or knowledgable mechanics.

I bought a 2015 QR Illicito frame on sale and are building it up. All finished besides the front derailleur. I cannot figure out how the outer cable is supposed to come from the exithole in the downtube and connect to the small hole on the bottom leading to the front derailleur.

Either i am missing a mounting piece ( there IS a treaded hole on the BB ), or i am just plain stupid. There are no manuals or pics to be found online where i can see the mount type, have searched for hours .

Can anĂ½one take a pic of the bottom of the BB where it shows the cable route or have any instructions that came with the frame ?

Will send lots of love and "ride-ons" for assistance :-)

Regards Jesper
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