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Di2 Upgrade Advice
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Hi all

Just looking for advice before I go ahead with purchases. I've got a Cervelo P2 Di2 with SW-R671 on the tri bars into a 3 port junction box and external battery setup. I am looking to upgrade to add additional shifters at the brakes - R8060 TT.

To upgrade will I just need the following?
R8060 TT
5 port junction box SM-EW90
2x di2 cables to the shifters

Is that correct? Thanks in advance

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Re: Di2 Upgrade Advice [Von Nostrand] [ In reply to ]
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That works. You can also use a couple of B junctions to daisy-chain into the 3 port A junction (this would require an extra cable). I did it that way on an old setup to hide the A Junction under the saddle.
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Re: Di2 Upgrade Advice [Grill] [ In reply to ]
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great, thanks!
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