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Daily kclas and macros
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Just out of curiosity, could some of you more lean athletes who track your diet and who care to share post their kcals and macros for an average day? And maybe your height and weight? Etc... Whatever you care to share. By average I mean a typical training day. Not an off day and not a huge workout day, just an average one. This is really for my own curiosity. It's a part of the sport that I just really find most interesting. Some people geek out over bikes or swim techniques. Diet does it for me I guess! Thanks everyone!
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Re: Daily kclas and macros [Fresh2death] [ In reply to ]
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5'9", 155 pounds. 8% body fat.

Normal day I burn 700-1200 calories depending on whether I ride or run. Riding is on the low end, when I'm running it's on the higher end usually.

With that, to stay stable, I eat 3000-3500 calories.

40% Carb, 40% Fat, 20% Protein, roughly.
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Re: Daily kclas and macros [Fresh2death] [ In reply to ]
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50 years old. 5' 11" 150lbs. 12% bf

According to garmin:

Avg cals burned per day: 2800
Active cals: 900

Currently running a deficit of 500 per day to get to race weight at 147 / 10%

100g protein
60g fat
Balance from carbs based on daily expenditure
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Re: Daily kclas and macros [Fresh2death] [ In reply to ]
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72 inches
169 lbs
weekly training load: 12-14 hours per week
Body fat: well my Tanita scale usually tells my 7-11%, but I don’t trust it since how well I am hydrated will greatly affect the result. I did a hydrostatic weight a couple years ago and was just under 10 if I recall.
Caloric need: 2500-5000 kcal (depends on the day)
Caloric Intake: aiming for 250 kcal deficit each day in attempt to get to 164-165 lbs
Average breakdown the past 2 weeks:
- 50% carbs (range of 42-58)
- 32% fat (range of 24-41)
- 18% protein (range 15-21)

I haven’t really been trying for anything specific at the point. Mostly just collecting data to see where I’m at. I was a bit surprised how high percentage of fat and low percentage of protein I’ve had on a number of days. However I’m always getting at least 1.5 g/kg of protein each day and most days I’m at 2 g/kg.

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