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Best Bike for 3K or less
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I figure that this question has been asked by many in this forum but I'm new so bear with me, and it also seems to be an good place to get an unbiased opinion.

I am currently riding a older (1998) Litespeed Tachyon set up with 2002 dura ace, and Zip 404's. I have recently begun doing some longer bike tours and I am going to purchase a road bike this fall. That said, I'm thinking of selling the Litespeed and getting a Aluminum TT bike to both off set the cost of the road bike and get some compatibility with the wheelsets.

Any suggsetions on a good TT bike for under 3K.. or should I just stay with the Tachyon?

Thanks for the response.

S 36
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Re: Best Bike for 3K or less [neelyjp] [ In reply to ]
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Well, 3K leaves things pretty open. If you want Aluminun Cervelo and Felt should be both be solid choices, maybe even QR's higher end bikes with the carbon seatstays. However, 3K could probably also net you a decent Ti or maybe a Carbon bike. I know that BP-2 Stealth retails for the same prices as most Aluminun frames, the downfall is it has more roadish geometry. You may also be able to find the Lightspeed saber or QR Picanti for under three thousand. Pretty much at that price you options are pretty open. Go with fit, not with looks or features.
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