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Autocar Indiana Triathlon Series 2015 announced
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We are ready to rock in 2015 with some great venues and races!

April 18: Ball State/Muncie Spring Sprint and Mini Triathlon: Indoor swim
May 9: Muncie May, Oly/Sprint Tri/Du
May 30: Toughman Indiana Half Triathlon, AutoCar Sprint, Richmond
May 31: ToughKids Richmond ages 4-14
June 6: USAT MidEast Regional Tri Championships in Muncie, Oly/Sprint Tri/Du
July 12: ToughKids Muncie Triathlon ages 4-14 on NEW bike course
July 25: USAT Retro Tri Series Summit Lake Sprint Tri/Du and Kids Aquathon
Aug 15: Noblesville/Indy FitFest Sprint Triathlon and Kids Aquathon
Sept. 5: USAT MidEast College Regional Championships Oly Tri, Muncie
Sept. 5: MuncieMan:Oly/Sprint and 1.5/61.8/15k Tri/Du
Sept. 13: Lawrence/Indy Sprint Tri/Du: Indoor swim
Oct. 3: Autocar Indiana Club Triathlon Championships Oly/Sprint Tri/Du Muncie

I am tired just reading and typing it all!

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America's Half June 10, 2017
USAT RD Century Club
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