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tri bike opinions
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i am in the process of buying a new tri bike and wondered if anyone of you have had any experience with any of the three bikes:

1) Giant Trinity Aeryn (sister to the A1)
2) Felt S32
3) Jamis Comit

i am on a bit of a budget and the guy is willing to sell the Giant to me for about $1700 (retails for $2100)...is this the best deal for my money? i would rather spend a little more now and get the best bike for the money than have to upgrade in the near future.

a little background: i am coming back from knee surgery, have two years of tri under my belt...i am not a podium girl, well yet ;), but would like to get stronger, faster, better, kick more ass...does anyone have any opinions on the bikes above or recommendations on any others? Thanks so much!!!

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the giant, if anytyhing like the A1, is an awesome bike.

that being said, pick the one that fits you best. i am on a MUCH cheaper frame now (see 800 vs 1700), but the bike fits me much better, and i am much much happier on this one.

i almost went with the A1 for my new bike this year though, and probably would have if it was out a little sooner.

good luck!

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