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Hi there :)
The primary focus for your triathlons is you.. you need to enjoy your coached sessions and be getting something out of them. If you're not, change. If you feel comfortable with it, you could discuss the issue with your current coach and see if she has a solution whereby you'd be happy to stay with her, but if not, then she will (should) understand where you're coming from and support your change but wecome you back if it doesn't work out. Then, whether you talk to your current coach or not, you should talk to other coaches and squad members in your area and see if they let you have a trial with their squad and you can see if it's where you want to train or not.
It's not uncommon for athletes to change coaches according to their needs or for a different perspective (i'm speaking predominantly from a swimming background) and there is rarely any malice in it but sometimes one coach can only get you so far and it takes someone else to reignite the fire and see new or different potential, or motivate you in the squad setting. Your current coach should understand that if you approach the situation with the right attitude and honesty.

Good luck.
and Happy New Year :)
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Re: Switching coaches [astoremily] [ In reply to ]
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Can you meet some or much of the training objectives in a different way and still be coached by her? Example: You need to swim 3x week? Then join a master's club. You can get the social aspect you are looking for while still meeting the intent of the training plan from your coach. Is there a local running club you can join that will be pretty close to your training needs? When I was being coached to my first IM, that's what I did.

I'd discuss this with your coach. That's why you hire them - to give you good advice - right? FWIW, after my first IM, I stopped using a coach as I had enough info to be dangerous (and finish a whack more races including 2 more IMs). You may find that a tri-specific club or a couple sport-specific clubs gives you that social outlet and the training needs.


"How bad could it be?" - SimpleS
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