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Great race report from SwimRun NC in Shape Mag
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This story just came out and I wanted to share it here.


We currently have 45 male teams, 30 mixed teams and 22 female teams registered for the 2018 event on October 28th and that leaves 14 open spots. Our field limit is 111 teams. We would love to have more female teams and maybe some of you can join in this October.

When teams register on runsignup we check athletic resumes from the past 24 months and typically expect Half Marathon times faster than 2 hours, Half IM times sub 6 hours and Full IM times sub 14:00 in order to be accepted.


Also hit me up with any questions


And FYI, our race is fully non profit. Neither I nor the other 2 race directors take any money from the race, we completely work for free and fueled by passion. Thus I do not feel guilty sharing this on ST. :-)
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Re: Great race report from SwimRun NC in Shape Mag [Herbert] [ In reply to ]
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That's cool!

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
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