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Raleigh area Time Trial Facebook group
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Just putting it out there that I made this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372198199952690/

Not trying to step on any toes, as I know there's a TT series in Charlotte and Derek Powers is an awesome guy doing a monthly TT out past Chapel Hill. I put those on the calendar also.

Just for me, with kids, it's hard to drive super far on a week night to do a 20min TT and come home. I've got some segments and routes on Strava and am gaining momentum to attempt a "fun run" TT each month.

Just show up and run what you've got. Using Strava segment for the "official timing". Nothing official, just for the fun of meeting together to do it at the same time and maybe chat over a beer afterwards.

Details on the page. Most likely routes are going to be the PNC arena laps, out and back on Reedy Creek/Trenton, a loop out by Coley Rd., and maybe an end of the summer season 10 mile loop out by Double Barley in Clayton.
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Re: Raleigh area Time Trial Facebook group [burnthesheep] [ In reply to ]
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First meetup is posted to the Facebook group.

06 June at 6:45 PM

Park at the NCMA and warmup on Reedy Creek in the bike lanes. Cross over using the tunnel. Out-back on Reedy Creek and Trenton.

Details in the group posting.
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Re: Raleigh area Time Trial Facebook group [burnthesheep] [ In reply to ]
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I joined even though this summer I'm not in NC.
Maybe if I get back for a week I'll zip over for one or there is always next summer

Brian Stover
Accelerate3 Coaching
Bundled FrindinFreestyle Bike Fit+ 1hr Wind Tunnel Time May 8th & 9th - PM for info
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