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ERO Sports - Rockhill, SC
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ERO Sports visits the Giordana Velodrome, in Rockhill South Carolina, to offer fit appointments to new and current ERO clients. Fit appointments include physical analysis, foot structure analysis and cleat placement, initial capture using the Retul System, fitting, and include two follow up visits. Fittings are available for all fit types and cycling disciplines. For more information regarding our fit process, please visit http://www.ero-sports.com.

To schedule your fit appointment in Rockhill, please contact
missy@ero-sports.com, or by calling +1(855)243-8376.

When: March 30 - April 1, 2018
Where: Giordana Velodrome, Rockhill, South Carolina
By Appointment Only.

Missy Erickson
ERO Pennsylvania
Alphamantis Technologies
2016 Olympic Long Team
UCI Track World Cup Medalist
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Re: ERO Sports - Rockhill, SC [missy@erosports] [ In reply to ]
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Who does the fits?

Accelerate3 Coaching https://accelerate3.com/
Moxie Multisport https://www.themoxiemultisport.com/
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