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Air Relax Compression Boots *** Last Chance To Save + Tall Boots Now Available ***
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There will be two upcoming price bumps on the product as manufacturer costs have increased coupled with the fact that Air Relax is actually not making any money on the boots yet and is essentially just focused on gaining market share and creating awareness to alternative pneumatic compression boots at a lower price point.

Anyway, one price bump will take place this weekend, it hasn't happened as of just now, but I am told it will. They will see a $20+. The other will be at the end of the month when it goes up ~2% or so. In addition, they just got in longer boots as well for people who are over 6 1 but have a small limited number of only about 15 units. Here is a short review I did back in August along with a link to a ST discussion which kicked off my own awareness to Air Relax.



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