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"Purchasing" experience during Covid
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This isn't meant as a PSA, but you decide if it's informative.

This is a summary of my ordering/purchasing experience with Glory Cycles. I do have some prior experience with the seller as I purchased a helmet from them a long while back and it had lengthy delays (was said to be an in stock item), but eventually arrived.

Back in October 2021, I placed a pre-order for the new Shimano Ultegra 12-S groupset along with a Kogel BB. The entire order was just under $2,200 and the ETA shown was March 2022. I was willing to wait to get my order in the queue. I checked the site again sometime around early December and the ETA had changed to April 2022. I then checked earlier this month and the ETA changed again and was now June 2022.

First off, I can't blame the seller for the supply-chain issues. That said, other e-commerce sites for bikes send you an update when ETAs change. I performed a quick Google search on Glory and several reviews popped up from sites like weightweenies and even the BBB. There were several BBB complaints about refunds not being resolved so I called Glory and asked to cancel my order. That went just fine as I spoke to an actual person and even received a cancellation e-mail confirming the request and stating that a refund should take 5-7 business days.

Day 10, I still did not see my refund. I reached out to my CC company and asked that they assist with the refund and within 2 days I received a provisional credit for the full amount. Thank goodness for excellent customer service. Today would be the 16th business day and still no credit from Glory. As a provisional CC credit an actual credit from the vendor is still pending. A valuable lesson learned when ordering big ticket orders that are not in stock.

I hope you all have better luck with ordering bikes and or parts during this crazy period.

Story end.
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Re: "Purchasing" experience during Covid [clee72] [ In reply to ]
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Ugh. That sounds stressful. Hopefully all works out through CC company.
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Re: "Purchasing" experience during Covid [tbanas2] [ In reply to ]
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It did get resolved, but if my CC didn't get directly involved I don't believe I would have received my refund. Lesson learned to check even when an e-commerce site looks legit. Thanks for asking.

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