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Ultimate Product Testers available!
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Do you have a new product that needs to be tested in the real world? I'm your man!

Do you have a need for information on ways to improve on existing products? I'm your man!

Whether it is indoor/outdoor, training/racing, playing/working, adult/child*, or anything in between.....I'm your man! (Or one or all of my 4 kids of the ~same age (5-7) is your boy/girl!)

Give us a chance and we can put your product through a productive "wringer" and come out with constructive advice. Your product may pass with absolute flying colors, in which case you have made a remarkable product! It may fail miserably, which you would rather have happen in testing I would hope.

Either way my team, The Andrus Family, is YOUR TEAM!

If you have any opportunities you would like to extend
Please Contact us via PM or email

Location: Horseheads, NY

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