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Principal Software Engineer - Boulder, CO
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I am not the hiring manager - my engineering peer is. I run product management for the Oracle Data Cloud, and we are always looking for talented engineers. If you thought there are not software jobs in the Boulder area, think again! :) I moved out here from Seattle 1 year ago and have not regretted it one bit. Great for training, great for lifestyle. Here's a quick snippet about the position, but there are others. My email is brandon.watson[at]oracle or blwatson[at]gmail if you want to reach out to me directly.

Use Data as a Service to take smarter business actions
Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) for Business empowers businesses to use data as a standalone asset and connect with partner data to make smarter decisions. Oracle DaaS is a service in Oracle Cloud that offers the most variety, scale, and connectivity in the industry, including cross-channel, cross-device, and known and anonymous data. Use Oracle DaaS to drive intelligent actions for B2B and B2C organizations.
As Principal Software Engineer, you’ll be using your object-oriented development expertise and database know-how on the data we ingest from hundreds of different companies, and the solutions you develop will revolutionize the way products and services are sold. We rely on all of our Software Engineers to develop innovative solutions for our digital and offline marketing products. Our solutions will require you to work effectively with your teammates, of course. But your real success with Oracle will be measured by how well you couple critical thinking with self-motivation, enthusiasm and determination. Our engineers are grouped into teams that each focus on a specific business line. (We are “truly” agile which means daily stand-ups and two-week iterations.) Engineers that like to share and mentor thrive here, for Oracle offers ample opportunities to move between teams and work on varying business domains and technology challenges.
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