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I am available: Attorney, Sales, Agent, Government Relations, willing to relocate.
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As an attorney, I am anxious to become involved with your companies strategic objectives and I am confident that I will be an asset through excellent written, and oral communication skills.

My immense range of government relations experience started with the office of United States Senator Max Celand and has continued to as a staff attorney and committee counsel for the Mississippi House of Representatives. In these experiences, along with the Mississippi Attorney General's office, the office of the Mayor of Atlanta and other public policy associations and government agencies, I have gained experience of how to create and maintain relations, fund raise, generate personal relationships with elected members and comprehension of how to monitor the public policy and regulatory process.

For the last two legislative sessions as a staff attorney and committee counsel, I drafted law and advised Mississippi legislators on the effects of legislation and concerns of the members of the House. During this time, I have mastered the practice and complex art of drafting legislation. In this intense practice we are not provided the opportunity of a mistake, in turn, writing has become one of my principal strengths along with creating personal relationships with Legislative members, agencies and organizations. These traits have allowed me to successfully counsel elected officials and citizens through the confusion presented by the government and legislation.

I have legal, sales, and government relations experience and I am licensed to practice law.

Thank you

Eugene O'Donnell
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Re: I am available: Attorney, Sales, Agent, Government Relations, willing to relocate. [bamatriguy] [ In reply to ]
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If you're looking for a sales position call or email me at 615-426-1626. This is for an outside sales position within cycling, triathlon, outdoors industry.

Earl Aneas
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