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ISO: Artist / HTML-CSS Coder
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My firm is looking for an artist and HTML-CSS coder to work on a retainer/contract basis. Here are the requirements:

- Speaks English as well as me.
- Professional and is capable of taking criticism, sometimes hard criticism.
- Timeliness. You must hit your deadlines.
- Creative ability when it comes to designing banners or websites.
- The ability to code websites you design so that our programmer can implement them.
- You must not have a problem working on political things. We have center-right/Conservative American clients, so if you have a big moral problem with working on things like that, this probably is not for you.

For websites, how it typically works is you are given wireframes and notes on what it should look like. First you create the mockup which then goes through revisions. When approved, you must code the site into HTML/CSS/Images.

You will also be given smaller projects - like creating an icon or a banner, etc.

Workload ranges from 10-20+ hours a month. Once you've done a few test projects, we would put you on retainer, so you would get paid for a minimum number of hours each month whether you worked them or not.

Please PM me or email me at matt@braynardwebdev.com your hourly rate and your portfolio or some samples. We will start giving out test projects in about a week.
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Re: ISO: Artist / HTML-CSS Coder [Learn] [ In reply to ]
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Hey I live in India. Do you have any work from home opportunity in Html or css?

Bike Racks
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