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I'm available: Materials Engineer with Technical and Sales background
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I was laid of from my QC engineering position last Friday (12/12/08) and I am looking for a job (Merry Xmas to me!). I would like to find a job close to home (Las Vegas, NV) but would be willing to locate to a neighboring state such as CA, UT, or AZ. A short synopsis of my background is as follows:

Engineering Background
  • 4 years as a Heat Treat Process engineer working for a commercial heat treater developing heat treat recipes for new business development and also improving current processes to maximize quality and part throughput. I also managed the installation of new equipment (furnaces, atmoshperic generators, induction equipment, aluminum furnaces etc.)
  • 5 years as a Casting engineer at an aluminum wheel casting plant. I was responsible for bringing new wheel designs into production (mold design, initial part production, creating casting recipes). Had responsibility of the production casting process, mold design, and aluminum chemistry of the wheel.
  • 1.5 years as a QC engineer at a Titanium metal producer. As a QC engineer I was responsible for the review of process, release of material, and specification review. I also performed audit reviews of the production facility as part of continuous improvement efforts.

Sales Background
  • 8 years as a Engineering sales rep for a large chemical company in the metalworking fluids division. My responsibility was to sell and service. My service responsiblities included working with customers with inventory, billing, product education, and process applications. My sales responsibilities included expanding new business, growing new business within established customers, and help customers realize a good return on investment.
A full resume is available upon request. My dream job would probably be something involving the bike industry but if there is anything available please PM me.


Las Vegas NV | IM KY 07
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