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I'm available: Experienced Business Administrator
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I'm an executive with a background in operations leadership and management consulting. I'm experienced in nonprofit and academic settings as well as diverse corporate environments including Fortune 500.

I'm a problem resolution specialist with P&L responsibilities of $4M. Results include:

- Reversed $500k in annual losses to $400k gain by doubling revenue to record-breaking volumes, lowering costs, diversifying team, refocusing programs and pricing, advancing capabilities, and reducing customer attrition rate 15%.

- Introduced new e-learning capabilities into 12,000-member organization, modernizing operations and gaining buy-in from staff; increased technology utilization from 24% to 96%, achieving #2 ranking for quality support service organization-wide and reaching position as national leader for technology usage within field.

- Proved vital in orchestrating support services strategy for $9.3b management consulting company, improving efficiency and security as well as reducing costs across dozens of offices worldwide by standardizing and streamlining processes.

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