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I'm available! Bike engineer with prior experience: Fresh graduate from NYC very eager to learn the ropes!
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Hi Everyone,

I'm an aspiring bike engineer seeking a mentorship in bicycle frame/component design (Al/CF/Ti). Surely a budding young chap like myself could use a little help here from many of you triathletes out there! I'm very eager to learn the ropes, to contribute to the industry. The company does not matter to me, all I am looking for is an opening into the bicycle engineering community, and to learn as much as I possibly can. It certainly helps that I share a loving passion for bicycles since I was a kid, and am an avid triathlete myself (2 years and going strong), and will be attempting my first IM in December this year!

I had prior amateur experience coming up with in-house carbon fibre bike frame designs, but had to stop to pursue my studies. Now I would like to take it up seriously as an engineering career to further pursue this interest of mine. I understand the bicycle industry (especially bike design) is a pretty closed community, and to date, I have not personally met a single bike engineer. (Perhaps I haven't been trying hard enough) I learn fast, love challenges, driven and am known by my peers to be creative and analytical.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Operations Research at Columbia University in NYC and hold my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, hence I would like to think that I possess basic academic and theoretical knowledge in frame materials, design, system mechanics, factory operations and production as well as optimization procedures. I have endured a long journey of exploring numerous career options, and after much thought have decided to pursue the path that I love in my heart - bicycles!

I know there would not be any reason for you guys to help me, and this attempt is a pretty long shot at a bike design career. But if you have any entry level openings or know someone who can point me in the right direction, do PM/Email me at nicholas.ngjf@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to provide you with my resume or provide you with any additional information you require.

Thanks for reading this!

Warmest Regards!
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