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I'm Available: Chemist
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    Hello, my name is Doug Herrick and I am looking for a position in the Southern California area, preferably either Riverside or San Diego County.

I graduated last June with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I have one year of undergraduate research experience; I worked in Dr. David Bocian's lab doing research on molecular electronics. My focus was on surface characterization of porphyrin monolayers on electroactive surfaces for hybrid molecular memory applications. I have also recently finished a five-month temporary position at Watson Pharmaceuticals where I worked as a Cleaning Validation chemist. Our job was to obtain samples from certain high-product contact areas of the pharmaceutical manufacturing instruments and analyze them for residual products in a GMP environment.

Resume/CV available upon request.

"I like to start out slow, and then taper off."

-Doug Thorne (TVHS XC)
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Re: I'm Available: Chemist [Xterraguy15-19] [ In reply to ]
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Can you make me some MDMA?

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