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Help Wanted: Promotional Help
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I need some promoters to help with a project.

The project is titled "Further WiTHiN" and it involves the purchase and refit of the pedal powered boat "WiTHiN" and then.. subsequently.. piloting her around the world.

My goal is to, first and foremost, promote cycling as a viable means of transportation for the general public. I've been commuting, touring, and racing since I was in my mid teens.. and I see it as the only viable means of getting around. In fact, I try to fit public transit into my day and I'm hooped.

As the journey will require a lot of physical work.. I'm doing a lot of training. I'm working to set up a cross country sprint and a dash to the coast (I'm located in Kelowna BC.. ) for training and promotions but I need a little help spreading the word right now.

It starts volunteer.. but I'm factoring honorarium for initial individuals.

The initial promotional work would involve printing out a weekly double sided but single sheet newsletter. I've posted the "introductory" issue on my website furtherwithin.com... the only thing I require is a listing of where it can be physically picked up by the general public.

Thanks, happy cycling.

Further WiTHiN.. going further in WiTHiN
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