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Help Wanted: Aqua Sphere Promotions
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Aqua Sphere is looking for a leader to manage swim event promotions and coordinate with sales representatives and dealers to increase consumer and dealer product knowledge, run product demos, and support local retailers. Additional responsibilities include assisting with in store brand presentation and product merchandising. Swim and triathlon background a plus.

Responsibilities of this employee are divided into four distinct areas including Events, Dealer Support, Athlete management, and Strategic Partnerships. An integral part of these responsibilities will be to evaluate the success of all programs undertaken and generate ideas for improvement and to represent the brand with professionalism at all times.

Events: Effectively manage all events and grass roots promotions associated with Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Masters Swimming, and Aqua Gym including but not limited to triathlon expos, trade shows, swim clinics etc…
  1. Manage all promotional materials/tools including Pop Up Tents/Flags, Banners/Posters, and SWAG-key chains/goggles/tattoos etc... Ensure that Aqua Sphere has adequate inventory to support all promotional activities and coordinate delivery and transfer of appropriate materials to all supported events.
  2. Generate a sales goal per selling event based on previous year’s data as well as current marketing and promotions activities.
  3. Coordinate with Aqua Lung affiliates and distributors in the AAP (America, Asia, Pacific) to ensure proper brand representation at events.
  4. Ensure all potential customers are left with a positive experience of the brand regardless of their purchasing decision

Dealers Support: work with sales representative and dealers to educate about brand heritage, technologies, and product line.
  1. Work with sales representative and dealers to ensure Aqua Sphere is appropriately represented at events that authorized dealers attend.
  2. Work with sales representatives and dealers to ensure Aqua Sphere is merchandised properly and prominently in authorized dealers retail stores/
  3. Work with sales representatives and dealers to coordinate consumer Swim demos and clinics with key dealers to help boost sales.
  4. Work with Specialty Sales Manager to establish new dealer and sales representative training program as well as means to effectively execute delivery and set-up of in store promotional collateral.

Athlete Management: Manage roster of athletes including maintaining current relationships, building new athlete relationships, coordinate athlete activities at events (i.e. panels, signings…), and ensure athletes are properly outfitted with Aqua Sphere products.

Strategic Partnerships: Maintain current strategic industry partnerships and identify and build new relationships in Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Masters Swimming, and Aqua Gym. Target partners include prominent swim and triathlon clubs and teams that are associated with key retail partners.

Interested parties respond (with resume and cover letter) to: rpowell@aqualung.com
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